PS4 Hits 6 Million Sales, Killzone: Shadow Fall Reaches 2.1

Last Updated: March 4, 2014


The PS4 continues to blast through its sales predictions (the most recent of which was 5 million sales by the end of March), and after its popular reception in Japan, we were wondering how much that would boost its overall sales. Well, Sony announced today that 6 million units have been sold worldwide.

Both Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano referenced the Japanese market having a major contributing factor to the PS4’s latest success. Kawano also mentioned that they will “liven up” the Japanese market.

Japan had an exclusive limited edition PS4 that included a free digital download of Knack. After selling 370,000 units, it has been discontinued.

Over half of PS4 users subscribe to PS+, and 3.6 million smartphones currently run the PlayStation App. Sony released some other data as well. The PS4’s “share” function has been used with Facebook and Twitter over 100 million times, and 3.6 million gaming sessions have been streamed to Twitch and Ustream, with over 56 million views. In fact, PS4 broadcasts now account for 20% of the streams on Twitch.

Additionally, the PS4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall has seen 2.1 million sales, and 13.7 PS4 games have been sold in total.

Once again, these are huge sales numbers for the PS4. Its momentum has to slow eventually, but we’ve seen no sign of that happening. What might the future hold?