Which PS4 Games Do You Regret Buying?

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Over a year has passed since the PlayStation 4 came out on November 15, 2013. Since then, it’s seen its share of successes and failures. Many games, both big-name and indie, have been released for the PS4 over the past year. Fans debate all the time about what the best games are, but which PS4 purchases do players most regret?

Some users on Reddit got together to discuss this, and some common patterns emerged. Destiny, Watch Dogs, and Driveclub came up a lot. All three games were highly-anticipated, with bold promises for what the new generation of gaming was capable of. Destiny and Watch Dogs were also widely considered disappointments, and Driveclub suffered from multiplayer issues that took a while to resolve. Whether it’s a result of too much hype, misleading marketing, or unrealistic expectations, many PS4 users regret purchasing these two games.


To a lesser extent, Thief and Battlefield 4 were also named often. Thief got a lot of mixed reviews, and the general complaint from fans is that it just wasn’t fun. Battlefield 4, meanwhile, was game plagued with so many glitches and bugs that many people found it unplayable. On a similar note, several people regret purchasing Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Knack, one of the launch titles, also came up for reasons similar to those that led to its negative reviews—its high difficulty and lack of innovation turned off fans who expected something different from it.

Other games were mentioned, of course, but these are the ones about which many fans are in agreement: Destiny, Watch Dogs, Driveclub, Thief, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Knack.

What about you? Which PS4 purchases do you most regret making? Do you disagree with the negativity toward any of the titles mentioned above?

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  1. None. So far bought Killzone Shadow Fall, it was €500 with an extra controller, console, game and camera. What a bargain. Rayman Legend was next. Then Infamous Second Son, Wolfenstein The New Order, then The Last of Us, Metro Redux, Infamous First Light and recently Far Cry 4. Oh I also picked up disc versions of Walking Dead Season 1 and 2. That isn’t including the around 20 games I have received on PS4 to date with PS Plus. So no regrets so far. 😀
    Just read the article and realised you listed every game I avoided becasue they were never on my radar or did I ever get overhyped for them. Except Knack, I forgot about that one. Platinumed it in the first month though, great couch co-op game too, hope they make a sequel.


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