Possible Titanfall Weapon Mods

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Remember RazorUK, the NeoGAF user who uncovered the list of maps and details about the regeneration system from the Titanfall beta’s files? Well, he’s still coming up with more stuff, and his latest discovery is a list of weapon mods and their effects.

We believe this could be a full list, as it is quite extensive. Take a look.

  • Iron Sights – Standard-Issue Sights
  • HCOG – 1.85x Zoom Holographic Gunsight
  • Holosight – 2.1x Zoom Holographic Gunsight
  • AOG – 2.4x Zoom Advanced Gunsight
  • 4.5x Zoom Scope – Mid-range magnification scope
  • 6x Zoom Scope – Long range magnification scope
  • Extended Magazine
  • Extended Clip
  • High-Capacity Drum
  • Extended Ammo Capacity
  • Leadwall – Disperses pellets over a larger area
  • Suppressor – Reduces noise and muzzle flash
  • Enhanced Targeting – Accelerates lock-on rate and increases range
  • Scatterfire – Increases rate of fire, decreases accuracy of R-97 Compact SMG
  • Stabilizer – Reduces sway when looking down scope
  • Match Trigger – Ignores fire rate limit
  • Starburst – Hemlok BF-R 5 round burst
  • Counterweight – Maintains higher accuracy while moving
  • Slammer – Increases rodeo damage
  • Burst Fire – Fires three rounds
  • Rapid Fire – Converts the weapon to a semi-automatic rocket launcher with a high rate of fire.
  • Accelerator – Rate of Fire increases while holding fire
  • Instant Shot – No build-up, but lower max damage
  • Capacitor – Deals increased damage, but must be charged to full
  • Mine Field – Converts the weapon to fire ballistic mines, which plant into the ground when fired, and then detonate using built-in proximity fuses.
  • Automatic Fire – Fires continually without releasing the trigger
  • Electric Rounds – Deals increased damage to shields
  • Explosive Rounds – Deals damage around the point of impact
  • Fast Reload – Reduces time to reload
  • Guided Targeting – Direct the flight of the Archer missile
  • High Density Explosive Rounds – Heavy, powerful explosive grenades
  • Hydraulic Launcher – Propel grenades further by holding down the trigger
  • Impact Fuse – Explodes on contact with any surface
  • Mortar Shots – Lobbing projectiles, larger explosion
  • Overcharge – Drains shield to accelerate charge
  • Powered Magnets – Increased magnetic range, reduced damage
  • Power Shot – Higher max damage, longer charge
  • Quick Shot – Higher max damage, longer charge
  • Sniper Assist – Scope displays information about target
  • Splitter – Lightning arcs to additional targets when it splits
  • Scatter Shot – Widens the cone of fire
  • Broadside – Narrows the cone of fire
  • Recoil Compensator – Reduces recoil while firing
  • Rolling Rounds – Grenades slide further
  • 8X Zoom
  • 10X Zoom
  • 12X Zoom
  • Automatic Fire Burn Card – Rapid Fire Shotgun
  • Semi-Automatic – Fires 1 shot at a time
  • Splasher Rounds – Anti-Personnel Rounds
  • Stabilized Warhead – Increased precision, slower rate of fire
  • Tank Buster – Slower, more powerful missile. Explodes after short delay
  • Titanhammer Missile – Devastating anti-Titan Missile
  • Twin Slug – Holds two slugs per magazine, but fires them simultaneously
  • Match Trigger Burn Card – Ignores fire rate limit

Although we can’t confirm that these are real, RazorUK has a pretty good track record so far. These weapon mods look like standard weapon attachments for the most part, with enough variety to create many different gameplay styles.

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