The Order: 1886’s Graphics Could Still Improve

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

The Order 1886

Everything we’ve seen so far from The Order: 1886 has had pretty spectacular graphics, so it’s interesting to note that the developers feel they can improve even further.

Graphics and Engine Programmer Matt Pettineo recently mentioned that they’re still dealing with some lighting issues in the game.

Statements by Intel Tech Lead Andre Lauritzen suggested that they’re also looking into speeding up the encoders that deal with the texture compression, which would allow them to optimize things even further.

Additionally, Founder/CTO Andrea Pessino mentioned that “everything that moves in the game is simulated using soft bodies and a very accurate material-in-medium model,” and that you will be able to blow up lots of stuff even though that isn’t the central feature of the game.

It sounds like Ready At Dawn is putting a lot of effort into make this game look and run great. We hope we’ll hear more gameplay details soon, too. Share your thoughts on The Order: 1886 in the comments below.