One More Trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order

Last Updated: May 18, 2014

Wolfenstein panzerhund statue

Wolfenstein: The New Order releases in just a couple of days, on May 20, and there’s a new trailer to celebrate its impending launch. “House of the Rising Sun” plays during this trailer–in German. Enjoy!

With sections that highlight the atmosphere, story, and gameplay, this is a strong trailer to launch with. The Wolfenstein trailers have used an interesting assortment of songs, too, and we enjoyed this little twist. And of course, it makes even more sense in the context of the game’s alternate timeline, where the Nazis won World War II.

What do you think of the newest Wolfenstein game? Are you going to buy it? If you’d like to see more gameplay, don’t forget that there will be one final gameplay stream on Twitch tomorrow.