Nintendo infographic says Wii U best choice this Christmas

November 26, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment covers the Nintendo Wii U too ya know and here’s a post to prove it. Nintendo has just published the infographic below which is designed to inform you why its Wii U (semi) next-gen console is the one you should be purchasing this Christmas.


It points out a bunch of reasons why the Wii U is “the best choice this holiday season”:

  • First there is the price – it retails for $300 MSRP (you should be able to get it MUCH cheaper though) which represents a heavy discount to the Xbox One and PS4.
  • There is no extra charges involved to make use of Nintendo TVii or off-TV play.
  • You get to play with your favorite Nintendo game characters including Luigi, Zelda and Mario.

Hmmm, having actually gone through that “list” of reasons now ourselves, it looks kinda weak. In fact we’re sure that Nintendo could have come up with a more compelling argument. Maybe that’s part of the reason the Wii U seems to be doing so poorly.

If you have a particular view on the Wii U (one way or another) then let us know in the comments below!

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