Next Windows to unite desktop, mobile and Xbox One OS

Last Updated: December 2, 2013


The name of the next major release for the Windows operating system is apparently “Theshold” and with it, the underlying software powering Windows PCs, Windows phones (mobile) and Xbox Ones (gaming) will be unified further and more tightly integrated.

What this more for us gamers, or more specifically us Xbox One gamers, is that we can expect even more Apps for the Xbox One than before. This is because developers making cool stuff for the PC and mobile devices that run Windows software *should* also be able to more easily port that same stuff over to the Xbox One (and vice-versa). And in fact, depending on just how tightly all the different Windows variants end up being intertwined, any sort of “porting” may not be that complicated or necessary at all…

Windows Threshold is currently predicted to release in spring 2015, so we’ve a while to wait, during which we’re sure lots more information (just like this) will be leaked.