New Titanfall Patch: Private Match Beta, Changes, and Fixes

Last Updated: April 10, 2014


A new update came out for Titanfall today, and it brought bug fixes, slight changes, and a public beta test for a new feature.

You can now try out the Private Match mode with your friends, with 2-12 players (1-6 per team). The Private Match beta will not give you XP, count toward your challenges, or unlock achievements, although you’ll be able to see what you would have gotten if it had been a regular match. As this is still a beta, expect new changes and features to be implemented after it’s been tested for a while.

With the patch, your party members will now be color-coded green, and your Auto-Pilot will be color-coded gold. This is meant to help you distinguish them from other allies. Once you finish the two campaigns, “Play Multiplayer” will now be the first option on the menu. You will also be able to look in the menu to see what version of the game you have, in case you aren’t sure if you have the latest update or not.

You can also go to the menu and press the left trigger to access the Xbox One’s Party app.

Some additional changes have been made to balance the game more. The “Gooser” challenge now only requires you to kill 5 ejecting pilots, rather than 50. The magazine capacity of the 40mm weapon has been reduced. The normal magazine now holds 12 rounds, and the extended magazine holds 16. The magazine capacity of the Quad Rocket has been changed to 5 rounds in a normal magazine, and 6 in an extended magazine, and the capacity of its Rapid Fire magazine has been raised to 18. The Quad Rocket is also more effective against Titan shields now. Another item to receive an upgrade is the Amped Kraber Burn Card, which will deal significantly more damage to Titans than it did before.

The scoring system for Hardpoint Domination and Capture the Flag have also been adjusted.

Finally, the patch has fixed a lot of bugs across all systems.

To see the full details, take a look at the official patch notes, which also name a few changes coming in a future update.