New Project Morpheus Details

Last Updated: March 20, 2014

Project Morpheus

It’s been two days since the unveiling of Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality project. Since then, we’ve learned some more things about it.

People who have tried it, such as Ubisoft’s Gregory Garcia and Ubisoft Montreal’s Damien Kieken have mentioned a pixelized effect, despite otherwise good screen latency. Kieken also added that the immersion was disturbed by the fact that you can see the ground when you wear the headset. On the other hand, although he is prone to motion sickness, he had no such problems with Project Morpheus.

We also learned that NASA not only provided footage for one of the showcased demos, but also helped with the coding for the VR software. Now that’s pretty cool.

Project Morpheus looks promising so far, but while we don’t have a release window for it yet, Sony has confirmed it will not be in 2014. 2015, perhaps? We’ll keep you updated.