New Inquisition Screenshots Show Emprise du Lion

Last Updated: May 9, 2014

Dragon Age Emprise du Lion

In the newest preview of the upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware posted comments from senior environment artist Andrew Farrell, along with new screenshots of two different areas.

The Emerald Graves were once again featured, following on the recent reveal of this area. Due to the history behind the location, the Emerald Graves combine elven and Orlesian elements.

Dragon Age Emerald Graves 2

Wolves, bears, and many other types of wildlife make the Emerald Graves their home, along with “some ‘gigantic’ enemies” that you’ll be better off sneaking around the first time you arrive. Farrell hinted that there might even be a dragon in the area.

Dragon Age Emerald Graves 3

He went on to describe hidden elven camps, caves, and carvings on the wall, which sounds as though Inquisition will really emphasize exploration and discovery. Sounds great!

Dragon Age Emerald Graves

Farrell then discussed another area of the game, one that previously hasn’t been seen, outside of some leaked screenshots that emerged yesterday. In contrast to the forests and greenery we’ve seen so far, Emprise du Lion is a snowy environment.

Dragon Age Emprise du Lion 2

Emprise du Lion is another place for you to explore, although not to the extent of the Emerald Graves. Your main reason for being in this wintry area is plot-related: the Inquisition needs to investigate the actions of the red Templars. Emprise du Lion also has a strong connection to the novel Dragon Age: The Masked Empire. We’d previously heard that a character from the book will appear in Inquisition, but it sounds as though the ties may go further.

Also, there might be dragons.

Dragon Age Emprise du Lion 3

So there you have it–some more beautiful screenshots to get you excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition. What do you think?