New Gameplay Video for Wolfenstein: The New Order

Last Updated: February 26, 2014


If you’ve been following our previous updates on the upcoming Wolfenstein game, you might have already seen the trailer that introduced us to the heroes and villains of The New Order, as well as the exciting announcement about the Doom beta included with preorders. The game will be released on May 20 in North America (May 22 in Australia and May 23 in Europe) for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The premise is simple and intriguing—this is an alternate history in which the Nazis won World War II. As B.J. Blazkowicz, you must struggle against them in the 1960s. It promises a lot of intense FPS action, graphic violence, and a strong narrative. There will not be multiplayer gameplay.

You can now check out an official gameplay video, which shows sections from both the 1940s setting and the 1960s below.

Pretty intense stuff. So, are you prepared to take on a Nazi-controlled world? Let us know your thoughts and hopes for this game.