New Destiny Videos Prepare for Tomorrow’s Event

Last Updated: April 27, 2014

Destiny screenshot 6

When Bungie updated the official Destiny website, we also got a promise that more information would be coming Monday (tomorrow). We still don’t know exactly what will be revealed tomorrow, three Instagram clips promise we will “witness the formation of a Fireteam,” “see how a Guardian chooses their mission,” and “watch as three brave Guardians take the fight deep into the enemy’s lair.”

These clips were added gradually across the day, so keep your eyes on Destiny’s Instagram tonight, in case they have more teasers. From the descriptions, it sounds as though tomorrow’s event will include new gameplay footage.

Perhaps more interesting still, Dualshockers found two “confidential” videos hidden in the code of Destiny’s website.

Check them out, and we’ll be back tomorrow with a look at what we hope will be more exciting Destiny news.