New DA Inquisition Screenshots, Cullen Confirmed

Last Updated: April 9, 2014

Dragon Age Exalted Plains

After that first image of the Exalted Plains of the Dales, we were anxious to see more screenshots from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Bioware has not disappointed. Several more screenshots of the Dales have been released. The Dales, if you’re unfamiliar with Dragon Age lore, were the homeland of the elves before the Chantry drove them out in a war known as the Exalted March.

Dragon Age screenshot

We’ve also learned, thanks to Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, that Inquisition will still include class-restricted abilities (such as rogues being the only characters able to pick locks), mages will have a unique version of the roll ability that is more of a “blink” (but shouldn’t be confused with teleporting), and all talents will be unlocked with talent points, not bought.

Dragon Age screenshot 3

Additionally, while Alistair fans were already reassured that he would be returning, voice actor Greg Ellis also confirmed the return of Knight-Captain Cullen, a fan favorite from Dragon Age 2 (with minor appearances in Origins).

Dragon Age screenshot 2

Dragon Age 2 may have disappointed some people, but Inquisition looks like it’s going to be one for the ages, no pun intended. Everything Bioware has shared looks fantastic, and we’re eager to see more. Share your thoughts and hopes for the next Dragon Age game, and let us know what you think.