More from Morin: Watch Dogs’ Stable Frame Rate, AI, Etc.

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

Watch Dogs logo

Once again, Creative Director Jonathan Morin has been tweeting information about Watch Dogs. Although he hasn’t given any stats for the frame rate, he did mention that the frame rate on the PS4 is stable and constant. He also said, when asked if Watch Dogs uses the maximum potential of the PS4, that while they “push quite a lot” with Watch Dogs, it’s still just the beginning of the generation.

He also discussed more details about the gameplay, as well as the AI. He has described the AI as being more advanced and complex than those in other open world games, because they have more complex behaviors than is typical.

As for the variety of gameplay details he shared, we now know you can steal from pawn shops (which will lower your reputation), hack into the world to the point where you all but control the other people in the city, and encounter some very tough enemies. When you drive in a car, it will have a cockpit view, and the world is not only large, but also dense in content.

Share your thoughts on all of these details, and keep an eye on Morin’s Twitter account, because he seems more than happy to answer Watch Dogs questions.