More October PS4 launch rumors

Last Updated: August 19, 2013


Note: you need to read this post in its entirety to fully understand what is being said. Also note that is strictly a rumor!

OK, so there is a particular user on the NeoGAF forums called “crazy buttocks on a train” (otherwise known as CBAOT). He is pretty well known on those boards for having loads of inside Microsoft information and has been fairly accurate with some of the info he’s previously leaked. The thing is, CBAOT often posts in nonsensical terms because he hates being quoted by gaming site (just wanting to keep the info on the forums). Afterall, what reputable site is going to repost the text below? Ahem…

Anyway, like we say, this guy has been accurate in the past so it’s worth taking notice of what he says. Below is the original and translated versions of his post. The key point to note that the Playstation 4 is currently on track for a late October launch and that the PS4 SDK (software development kit) is ready and essentially mastered to final.

Original Text

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  • There is no live stream of the Xbox One just yet as the architecture is not complete. The latest version of the Xbox One SDK dropped performance by 15-20% across the board (which happens all the time), but it will be fixed. There is no chance of an early release in October for the Xbox One.
  • He says that the localization excuse for delaying the Xbox One launch in some European countries is not true.
  • The PS4 will be launch in late October and the PS4 SDK is basically final.
  • The new indie developer policy for the Xbox One has not yet been set, and will be finalised after the launch of the console.
  • There could be a Xbox One bundle without a Kinect early next year (like March or April).