Here There Be Monsters: Plans for Titanfall’s DLC

Last Updated: March 16, 2014

Titanfall Leviathan monster

There’s no doubt that Titanfall is a huge hit. It’s received high reviews, praise from players, and all-around success.

If you’re enjoying Titanfall and looking forward to the DLC, this new information should interest you. Community Manager Abbie Heppe told IGN some of Respawn’s plans for the upcoming content.

The official Titanfall art book shows a lot of cool ideas that didn’t make it into the main game, including new environments and monsters. Heppe said the DLC will include additional maps, and the monsters will definitely be under consideration. On the other hand, the Atlas, Ogre, and Stryder Titans are probably the only Titans you’ll be able to play as in the foreseeable future, due to the game’s balance.

Unsurprisingly, IGN asked Heppe if there was any chance of future Titanfall games coming to Sony’s consoles, but all she said was that their exclusivity deal doesn’t include “console exclusivity for any of the future things [they] do.”

A very safe answer, that, which is exactly what we expected.

It would be great to see monsters make an appearance on one of the maps—a third faction on the battlefield always makes things interesting. What sorts of things would you like to see in Titanfall’s DLC?