Microsoft’s Million Servers

Last Updated: February 7, 2014


The cloud has been discussed a lot when it comes to Microsoft and the Xbox One, and now we’ve got new details on the technical side.

Microsoft has joined the Open Compute Project, a project where companies share the designs of their servers. It will present three different designs at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose, which has already started, and Microsoft has also open sourced its server software code. These new designs will become the standard for their future servers.

Company servers are designed to be as efficient as possible Microsoft has over one million of them, powering the cloud for all of its various services. According to Bill Laing, vice president of Microsoft cloud and enterprise, new server designs will increase savings by 40%, increase power efficiency by 15%, and decrease deployment/service times by 50%. The new servers should also be more environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in more of the technical details, you can check out the chassis design used for Microsoft’s new servers and much more. If you just want to know what this means for the Xbox One, the cloud services should provide a consistent, powerful experience for games that use them.