Microsoft reverses DRM and internet policies for Xbox One

June 19, 2013 by Staff - 19 Comments


Microsoft has reversed it’s DRM policies for the PS4’s direct competitor, the Xbox One. Today it announced disc-based games will now be tradable without restriction (just like today with the Xbox 360) and that an internet connection will not be required to play offline games (with no corresponding requirement to “check-in” every 24 hours).

Wow. Good to see consumers still have some power!

If you were sitting on the fence about which next-gen console to buy (excluding the Wii U) has this move helped you make up your mind? We see a couple of immediate issues with Microsoft’s backflip, and indeed the internet has been running hot with people lamenting the change and again, getting angry with Microsoft! They can’t seem to win…

  • Gamers think Microsoft tried to screw them, failed, and are now just backpedalling. These people have long memories and don’t forgive that easily. That bridge has been burnt.
  • Features that people were excited for (family sharing) are now in the minds of gamers and have been removed with the DRM reversal. Full details on the extent of the removal are not yet available though (ie there might still be some good news in respect of family sharing).
  • Microsoft hasn’t opted for some sort of middle ground (eg keeping family sharing for digital games or disabling sharing for offline accounts) – but again, the full extent of any sharing removal is not known.
  • It’s still $100 more expensive than the PS4.

On the other hand, you could argue it’s just the fanboys who have been making all the noise – both when the policies were first introduced, and now when they’ve been removed. Either way, it’s been an unprecedented few weeks in video games history.

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19 responses to “Microsoft reverses DRM and internet policies for Xbox One”

  1. Dead2Rights says:

    Microsoft you gone done f*cked up, again

  2. Rock says:


  3. Wheelz says:

    The site posting this opinion is named ps4cheat… obviously fanboy. Also if you wanna speak about consumers having memories… let’s go with the PS3 for 600 dollars at launch, the hacking of PSN, and the most recent PS3 update bricking consoles.

    • WTF says:

      You should focus on the article and not the site domain… And what has any of this got to do with PS3!?

    • Kreator says:


    • Exari says:

      lmao none of these are ANYTHING compared to red ring of death.. I mean srsly thats a huge disaster in MS’s history

      • Joshwaa says:

        Ive gone through 3 Xbox’s and don’t know a single person that hasn’t gone through at least 2, I love how MS fanboys seem to forget that fact. Sony has evolved, improved, and now has a better system with the PS3, and they will continue with the PS4 for $100 less… Microsoft lost me, and I loved my 360…

        • Avi says:

          i went through 4 of those x-doorstops… never buying microsoft again… i think its going to be funny if these xbox one-80’s go through the same thing

  4. Veronica Moreno says:

    Ha ha ha lol me too microsoft
    Sony done took all of your gamers so now you are like please comeback

    • Kreator says:

      How long do you think you’ll be able to play on PSN after you pay 60 bucks? It’s gonna get hacked to shit again! You’ll be lucky to get a month out of that system. Oh and let’s not forget the latest update 4.45? What a joke…lol

      • gamerrr says:

        really? its been up since then i dont understand your trolling

      • Jason Mounce says:

        The only thing that’s a joke is your mentality and perception. Reeks of sub-human ignorance and emotive clinging to companies and chunks of metal and plastic. You need to get outside more, Kreator. Go ‘Kreate’ a better life for yourself away from the internet.

  5. sonyboys … sonyboys everywhere .
    after great E3 and change policies they still talk … go and play your indies sonyboys

  6. gamerrr says:

    too late M$ if you had it your way gamers would be screwed, ive had all consoles growing up and enjoy them to this day… but after this i have zero problems passing on this xboxone,

  7. Michael Clanton says:

    Without DRM those sharing things online would be harder….because if you give people an inch they will try to take a mile…so how do you validate licenses? PS4 does nothing like fam share or anything…heck there cloud service will be here in a vague 2014…but no comments on that. If the bridge had been burnt then COD would be a dead franchise, activision would be out of business. Its region free, reverse the policies that had sony fan boys happy….and people like you write this asinine article filled with opinion, filled with fanboyism, your credibility is gone. I dont own an xbox, i never will, but usually the playstation community is a little more mature…until people like you start posting these things.
    FYI nobody has one, the consoles dont come out for another 4-6 months,another FYI…. sony is not cash strapped like MS…heck if you read the financials they are still hurting, If anyone here has any sense when it comes to business, its all marketing….ill bet my bottom dollar that MS will out spend and out market sony.

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