Microsoft working on backwards compatibility solution

Last Updated: September 27, 2013


We all know that Sony is implementing a form of backwards compatibility in the PS4 by way of its Gaikai service, which will basically let you stream PS3 games down to your PS4 and play them that way. To be clear there will be no hardware based backwards compatibility.

So what’s Microsoft going to do? Well it actually looks like they are planning on enabling a form of backwards compatibility with the Xbox One via the same method. As The Verge points out, Microsoft recently demonstrated Halo 4 streaming from “the cloud” to both a Windows desktop and a Windows mobile phone.

Given Sony has Gaikai (which it purchased, as opposed to developing its own streaming tech) there’s no real reason that Microsoft wouldn’t extend its own cloud game streaming functionality to the Xbox One some time after the console is launched in November this year.

Of course it probably won’t arrive until next year (or even later), but nice to know that Microsoft aren’t simply saying “No” to backwards compatibility and the Xbox One.