Major Nelson looking forward to the truth coming out

Last Updated: September 7, 2013


Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hyrb – more commonly known by his Gamertag ‘Major Nelson’ – has come out in support of comments recently made by his colleague at Microsoft, Albert Penello.

Have a read of the full article here, but basically Penello has said there is no way the PS4 has a 30% performance advantage over the Xbox One.

Major Nelson has since posted the following on Reddit, stating that some of the smartest programmers in the world are working on the Xbox One and that he looks forward to “the truth” coming out:

As I said above, Albert is one of the most amazing people I work with – that’s why I invited him on my podcast a few weeks ago. I jab him a bit about posting on ‘GAF (fact: they would not approve my account of there) but he’s smart and driven. He’s also right: We have some of smartest programmers in the world working on Xbox One. I am very much looking forward to the next few months (and beyond) as the truth comes out.

The last sentence might be a little bit dramatic, but it’s clear Hyrb is pretty confident of the Xbox One!