Lots of Leaked Watch Dogs Footage

Last Updated: May 17, 2014

Watch Dogs leaked screenshot

Watch Dogs won’t be out until May 27, but it seems as though someone managed to get a PS4 copy of the game already (we haven’t seen any leaks from the Xbox One or other versions yet). Therefore, we’ve gotten to see a plethora of leaked images and gameplay footage. If you want everything to be fresh and new for you when you play the game yourself, you should probably stop reading now. If you’d like to take a look at Watch Dogs, however, read on.

The first gameplay videos can be downloaded for slightly better quality.

The next is an off-screen recording of a Twitch stream, so it won’t give you the best impression of the way the game looks. But at least you can check out some new gameplay elements not seen in the previous video.

The user responsible for the stream posted some additional comments, a high-quality GIF, and a screenshot on the Watch Dogs Forum, as well. He later shared additional animated images.

Watch Dogs gif 3

Watch Dogs gif 5

Watch Dogs gif 2

Other screenshots include a couple shots of the map–beware of potential spoilers if you take a closer look.

Watch Dogs map 1

Watch Dogs map 2

The same source who did the stream of Watch Dogs released two more videos. The second begins the same as the above video, but after four minutes turns over to all new footage.

It doesn’t seem as though serious steps are being taken to remove the leaked footage, so enjoy. Once you’ve finished watching, let us know what you think. Is a Watch Dogs purchase in your future?