Infamous: Second Son PS4 Bundle Becomes GameStop Bestseller

Last Updated: February 26, 2014


For players in the US, GameStop has just announced a PS4 Infamous: Second Son bundle. It comes with the PS4 console, Infamous: Second Son, an additional DualShock 4 controller, and a 1-year membership of PlayStation Plus. You can preorder it now for $569.96, so it won’t actually save you any money, but it’s still a new way for fans to get ahold of the hard-to-find PS4 console, as well as a highly anticipated game.

And that seems to be enough.

The bundle has already hit the top of GameStop’s bestseller list, far outstripping other console bundles. The Titanfall Xbox One bundle is only 23rd on the list, although when it comes to the games themselves, standalone Titanfall is 8th and standalone Infamous: Second Son is 33rd.

These are very interesting numbers, especially since the Titanfall bundle effectively gives customers a discount. It looks to us like a lot of people are going for the Infamous: Second Son bundle so they can get a PS4. Are you planning to pick up a bundle? Let us know your thoughts.