High sales of Killzone: Shadow Fall

Last Updated: January 7, 2014


Killzone: Shadow Fall released on November 15 as a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation 4. It was a highly anticipated title and has seen excellent sales, with 1 million copies sold across the world. This makes it the first title exclusive to a next-gen console to hit the 1 million mark (compared to titles released on previous generation consoles as well). 27% of those 1 million sales came from copies bundled with the PS4.

Killzone is a FPS franchise that began in 2004. After the first three games in the series, gathered together as the Killzone Trilogy, Shadow Fall is the fourth game. They are futuristic titles that deal with humanity’s struggles against the alien Helghast Empire. Shadow Fall is set many years after the trilogy and involves more stealth than previous entries.

The reviews for Shadow Fall have been moderately high, with special praise given to its multiplayer components. Its graphics and overall design are presented as examples of what it truly means to be a next-gen game, and it also makes use of the touchpad on the PS4’s controller. Some criticism has fallen on its single player campaign.

With any luck, the success of Shadow Fall will carry over to future Killzone titles.