GameStop halts PS4 pre-orders as supplies run low

Last Updated: July 8, 2013


The Playstation 4 standard launch bundle has sold out at GameStop – this being after the games retailer specifically said Sony had given them the go ahead to “open the floodgates” and take “unlimited” pre-orders for the PS4. Hmmm…

While the sell-out is definitely a testament to the popularity of the PS4, there was never going to be unlimited availability at one specific retailer. Let’s be honest here. The console features some pretty incredible technology that will undoubtedly bring with it manufacturing complications. In addition, with Sony wanting to get the console out into gamer’s hands sooner rather than later (and in particular sooner than the Xbox One hits store shelves), there was never going to be a lot of time for them to manufacture “unlimited” quantities.

It is interesting to note that various PS4 packages, where the console comes bundled with a game, are still available to pre-order at GameStop. So if you haven’t got in already, they could be worth checking out. Of course there is the numerous other retailers that are still selling PS4 pre-orders. Amazon is probably your best bet and Walmart pre-orders are still available too.

Have you pre-ordered your PS4? If so, where?