Games with Gold expanded to include free Xbox One game each month

Last Updated: November 15, 2013


Microsoft has just announced via Twitter that starting next year all Xbox Live Gold members will receive one free Xbox One game per month.

The announcement means that Xbox One can now compete more effectively with the free games offered by Sony under its Playstation Plus program (a feature/advantage that Playstation fans are quick to remind anyone of).

The news also expands the offerings of the current “Games with Gold” program being run for the Xbox 360 (and which Microsoft started earlier this year). While the program has come some ways to giving gamers more for their paid Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, it has also come under fire for only dishing out free games that are a couple of years (or more) old.

No details on what sort of Xbox One games we can expect to be included in the program have been revealed yet, but given its meant to start next year we expect to hear something soon – well at least early in 2014 (as Microsoft note)…