Friends and followers on Xbox One

Last Updated: October 15, 2013


Major Nelson has just broken the news that you’ll be able to have both friends and followers on the Xbox One. While your friends list will be limited to a maximum of one thousand others, your followers list will be unlimited in number.

We shouldn’t need to explain the concept of friends, but in terms of followers – you’ll gain a follower when someone else chooses to start following you (and you’ve enabled it under your privacy settings). If you’re following someone then by default you’ll get information like when they’re online, what Achievements they’re earning and other stuff. And like we said, just like on Facebook, you’ll be able to control exactly what your particular followers can see about you (if anything). After all it is all about privacy these days right?

In terms of your Xbox 360 playing buddies, they’ll all be carried over to the new system automatically via your Gamertag, although on your Xbox One friends list they’ll appear as small greyed out icons. Yup, you can feel sorry for them.

Anyway, here’s Major Nelson’s video explaining the whole thing in more detail. Check it out: