First Titanfall DLC Pack Coming in May

Last Updated: April 13, 2014


We’ve got good news for all you Titanfall players! The first DLC pack is on its way. Respawn revealed new details about it at PAX East, including its name: Titanfall Expedition.

Expedition will contain three new maps, set after the main game, although there is no new campaign for the DLC. The three maps are called Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames. Swampland features trees, zipvines, and what appear to be ancient alien ruins, Runoff features water and pipes, and Wargames is (as the name would suggest) similar to the training simulator you used at the start of Titanfall.

Some free DLC is also on its way. You’ll be able to play a new mode called Wingman LTS, which is similar to Last Titan Standing except with four players (2 against 2), and get new Burn Cards. Respawn also plans to try out new modes and implement the most popular ones.

Titanfall Expedition is coming in May, but we aren’t sure if the free DLC is also coming in May or not, as it’s a separate project. Either way, there’s plenty of new Titanfall content on its way.

Respawn revealed some other details at PAX East, too. Did you know Titanfall was almost a single player game? One prototype was even a single player stealth game, which is pretty far from the final product. If you pick up the Final Hours of Titanfall app, you’ll even be able to see some of the single player footage.

What additions would you like to see in Titanfall’s future?