Even the Odds in This New Arkham Knight Trailer

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

Arkham Knight screenshot 11

It’s hard to not be interested in Batman: Arkham Knight, especially after the new details and screenshots we shared last week, and the new trailer released today, “Evening the Odds,” made us even more excited. Arkham Knight will release on October 14 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, so have a look at some impressive in-game footage to get a taste of this next-gen Batman experience.

We were pleased to see story details in this trailer–a glimpse of some of the villains and supporting characters, a reminder of why we love Scarecrow, and of course the dramatic ending. The visuals are dazzling, and everything we’ve seen so far just makes us want to see more.

And of course, there still the ever-present mystery of who the Arkham Knight really is. Rocksteady claims he’s a brand new character, but as far as we can tell, maybe 1% of fans actually believe that.

What do you think?