Dragon Age: Inquisition Box Art Revealed

Last Updated: April 21, 2014

Dragon Age cover

Today, Bioware unveiled the box art for Dragon Age: Inquisition. We hope this means a release date will be coming soon, as well. So far, Fall 2014 is the most specific we’ve heard. We also hope we’ll get to see some Inquisition gameplay soon, perhaps at E3.

The box art was posted along with the statement, “They say only the Inquisitor has the power to stop it…”

Dragon Age box art
There are a couple of cool things about this image. First, the air directly above the Inquisitor forms the shape of a dragon. You might miss it when you first look, but once you see it, it can’t be unseen. Dragons are important to the lore of Dragon Age, hence the title, and this is a really neat way to put a dragon on the cover.

Second, since the player character can be either male or female, the Inquisitor is intentionally angled away from the viewer, so you can imagine the Inquisitor any way you like.

It may just be a box cover, but this image has us excited for the game already!

(Psst… if you can’t see the dragon, GameInformer helpfully inverted the colors to make it more visible.)

Dragon Age box art inverted