Don’t stand your Xbox One vertically

Last Updated: September 22, 2013


How do you like your console – vertical or horizontal? If you’re getting a Xbox One and it’s the later you should be OK. If you prefer to keep things vertical however, the Playstation 4 might be a better option…

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft has said that if you stand your Xbox One console vertically, you risk damaging both the console and any disc inside, and therefore it’s simply not supported or recommended.

Apparently it comes down to the way the disc drive is designed, and because it’s slot loading, it can’t do both horizontal and vertical. Microsoft also advised that the limitation is not because of any cooling issues that a vertically orientated console might present.

The PS4 also has a slot loading drive and can be stood up vertically – but we’ll leave that for you up to interpret. Microsoft did say that research indicates 80% of people have their Xbox 360 horizontal anyway so maybe this won’t be too big of a deal.