Don’t Buy Titanfall Based on Faith Alone

Last Updated: February 17, 2014


Titanfall’s beta is now out, and as we reported yesterday, it has been opened up to the public. So far, it’s been met with high praise, although there are some players who have criticized it for certain issues—server difficulties, ping issues, and so on.

One of the developers responded to the complaints on the official Respawn forums. He clarified some of the concerns about the problems, but he did more than just defend Titanfall. He doesn’t want players “to buy the game on faith.”

Instead of letting the hype and excitement determine your decision, the developer wants you to “try the beta” or at least get feedback from other people who have played it, and “make an informed decision based on that.”

He concluding by advising players to just not buy the game if the gameplay isn’t up to par, and to tell Respawn, EA, and Microsoft why.

Later on, he addressed criticisms of the combat’s simplicity by saying, “There’s a lot of depth in [Titan vs. Titan] that might not be apparent at first glance” and pointed out that the beta doesn’t have access to all of the weapons and abilities that will be in the main game.

It’s refreshing to see a developer who openly wants people to buy the game based on its own merits, and it shows the amount of confidence Respawn has in Titanfall. Have you tried out the beta yet? Let us know what you think of it, and if you plan to purchase Titanfall when it releases this March.