Developers Should Achieve 1080p on Xbox One in the Future

Last Updated: March 20, 2014


The Xbox One’s resolution has been a source of controversy ever since games started releasing at 1080p for the PS4 and not for the Xbox One. From comments about “resolution gate” to jokes about this being the true reason Microsoft avoided the name “Xbox 720,” it’s caused quite a stir and more than a few debates.

Well, according to Boyd Multerer, Xbox’s director of development, games should be able to achieve 1080p on the Xbox One in the future. Since its architecture is so different from that of the Xbox 360, developers can’t approach the software in the same way. Therefore, he expects “large improvements in GPU output as people really tune these data sets now to get maximum use out of their GPUs.”

His full interview was published in the latest edition of OXM UK.

Whether or not you believe the resolution differences are as important as people make them out to be, you can’t disagree that it’s caused a good deal of negative press for the Xbox One. If Multerer is right, this should turn things around.