Details About Twitch on Xbox One

Last Updated: February 25, 2014

Well, Twitch integration is finally coming to the Xbox One, and it promises to be a great experience. Microsoft has released a lot of details, so let’s break it down and take a look at how Twitch will work on the Xbox One.

First, there are at least two Twitch features you can’t use on the PS4. The current Xbox One Twitch app allows you to watch streams from any game system, while Twitch on the PS4 only allows you to watch other PS4 games. When the app is updated on March 11 to allow you to broadcast your own games, you will also be able to archive live feeds straight from the console, which you can’t do on the PS4.

The Xbox One is implementing a lot of other Twitch features, as well. It will allow you to include picture-in-picture video feeds and audio commentary, which you can set up options for when you begin and turn on or off at will. You can also see users’ Gamercards, alert your friends of your livestream updates, and set notifications for when specific users begin streams. While streaming, you can turn comments on or off and choose whether or not to have the streaming controls snapped to the right of the screen.

Of course, if you enjoy the Kinect’s voice commands, you can access Twitch by simply saying, “Xbox, broadcast.” If you don’t want to use the Kinect, you will have to press the Home button while in the game you plan to broadcast, open Snap, choose Twitch, and then return to your game.

If you go to the Dashboard during a stream, Twitch will pause and wait for you to return. However, your broadcast will end if you try to start up any media other than a game.

There is a lot of good stuff here, and although it still isn’t advanced as using Twitch from a PC, it’s definitely a step in that direction. So, let us know—does this sound like something you would want to use?