Destiny Has Bikes; Bungie Hints Beta is Coming Soon

Last Updated: April 11, 2014

Destiny ambient occlusion screenshot

Destiny looks like a beautiful game, and Bungie shared some details on what goes into its graphics. By pre-baking ambient occlusion (not to be confused with occlusion culling), Bungie can create these vivid scenes with excellent performance.

This is how ambient occlusion is used to create images like that:

Destiny ambient occlusion 2

Destiny ambient occlusion

But while the graphics are beautiful and it’s interesting to see how companies achieve such effects, you’re probably all more interested in seeing more about Destiny’s gameplay. Well, we don’t have too many details for you today… but check out this screenshot of bikes you’ll be able to ride.

Destiny bikes

Looks pretty cool. While fans still compare Destiny to Halo more often than not, some of these newer screenshots have led to comparisons with Borderlands.

Of course, we won’t really be able to make judgments about Destiny’s gameplay until we get to try the beta. According to Bungie, your beta code will work on whichever Destiny console you choose to use it for, and “you’ll make [the decision] soon.”

Is that a hint that the beta is almost here? We certainly hope so!