A Clue to PlayStation Now Prices?

Last Updated: March 9, 2014


The Gaikai site has been updated to include details about PlayStation Now, and while we still don’t have definite details about how Sony’s game streaming service will work, the site provides some clues.

There are several pictures across the site, including one that contains prices. Three of the prices can be read: The Last of Us at $49.99, Far Cry 3 at $5.99, and Uncharted 3 at $4.99.

Now, don’t take these prices to be definite—this is far from an official announcement. It’s also unclear if those are all prices for streaming, as only Far Cry 3 and Uncharted 3 have the PlayStation Now logo by their names. Still, it provides room for additional speculation on how Sony might price games played through PlayStation Now.

From everything we’ve heard, PlayStation Now will offer two options for players, one where you can subscribe to the service and one where you can pay on a per-game basis. Which sounds more appealing to you?