Check out this “real gold” Xbox One

Last Updated: December 15, 2013


Harrod’s department store in London, which is pretty famous for getting in swanky/expensive/interesting stuff, currently has for sale a 24 karat gold plated Xbox One console. If this sounds like your kinda thing then provided you have the £6,000 asking price in cash (currently around USD$9,500) then it could be all yours!

We have to say that after checking over the image of the gold Xbox One console that you can see above, it doesn’t actually look too bad. In fact we’d be very interested to know just how much gold was used in plating the device, because to be honest under US$10K for a “real gold” Xbox One doesn’t sound all that bad (not that we could ever afford it!).

We do have one important piece of advice if you are the lucky person who ends up walking away with this particular Xbox One, we suggest you don’t play it. We’re not too sure if Microsoft ever envisaged the Xbox One’s cooling system needing to function correctly while the entire thing is covered in a layer of gold!