You Can Get the PS4 1.7 Update Tomorrow

Last Updated: April 29, 2014


We’ve heard a lot about the features coming to the PS4 with the new 1.7 firmware update, and tomorrow we’ll finally get to see it in action. Once you apply the update, you’ll have the following:

  • Access to SHAREfactory, a free video editor app that allows you to add special effects, commentary, picture-in-picture, and more
  • Pre-downloads, so you can start playing a preordered game (such as Watch Dogs, the first game to use the feature) immediately on its release day
  • The ability to turn off HDCP and record more gameplay footage
  • The ability to export screenshots and videos to a USB drive
  • The ability to livestream in HD and archive broadcasts
  • Increased control over your SHARE options
  • An updated DualShock 4 touchpad and brightness options for the light bar
  • New options to make finding and adding friends easier
  • The ability to sort Trophies by their rarity
  • Alternate Payment Methods, such as Paypal, for the PlayStation Store
  • New PlayStation Camera voice commands
  • A new PS+ icon
  • The ability to use the SHARE function with Music Unlimited

For the full details, as well as information on the new updates coming to the Vita and the PlayStation App, check out Sony’s official announcement.