Buy an Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for as Low as £340

Last Updated: April 11, 2014

Xbox One Titanfall

If you’re a UK gamer thinking about picking up the Xbox One, this might be your chance. The Titanfall bundle, which was already a good deal, was discounted yesterday to £349 at ASDA Direct. Amazon UK quickly followed with the same deal. But if you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, you would have been in for a surprise. Today, Xtra-Vision and HMV both released a promotional code (XVXBOX) that drops the price even lower, to £339.99.

Xtra-Vision and HMV have both sold out of the Titanfall bundle, but with any luck, they’ll get more in stock soon.

This is really kind of crazy, but great news for anyone who has hesitated over the Xbox One because of its price. The price was one of the sticking points for a lot of people, and the more it’s discounted, the more appealing it looks. Still, we feel a little bad for customers who bought it at its full price.

If you don’t have an Xbox One, does this deal convince you?