Beware of Titanfall Beta Sign-ups

Last Updated: January 29, 2014


Titanfall is one of the most anticipated Xbox One games on the horizon, so it’s no wonder players are anxious to sign up for a chance to test the beta. Such a high profile game will also bring the scammers out of the woodwork however, and some unscrupulous people have already launched scams under the guise of Titanfall beta sign-ups.

A site called has appeared that claims you will receive a beta key and access after you complete a survey. There also are Youtube videos with supposed download links to beta key generators in their descriptions. Please be advised that these are all scams and should not be trusted.

For the PC version, a real beta download will probably be handled through Origin, while the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions should be accessed from the consoles themselves. Until official word comes from EA, Microsoft, or Respawn, do not attempt to sign up for anything that claims to be about the Titanfall beta.