Analysts Give Opinion on Destiny, CoD, and Hearthstone

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A lot of excitement surrounds Destiny, Bungie and Activision’s upcoming science fiction game, and now the analysts at Cowen & Company have given their optimistic appraisal: they believe Destiny could have lifetime sales of 10 million units.

They described it as “probably the most anticipated title of the year among the gaming community,” an assessment we can’t really argue with.

They also predicted that Destiny, EA’s Titanfall, and other upcoming shooters pose a threat to the Call of Duty series. Although Call of Duty has been incredibly successful, the analysts see Call of Duty: Ghosts’ lower reviews and lower sales as a sign that fan satisfaction is decreasing. Additionally, according to their data, players are most likely to switch from one gaming brand to another during the first full year of a new console cycle, so the combination of Call of Duty’s decline, Destiny/Titanfall/etc.’s releases, and the first year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could lead to fans leaving Call of Duty behind.

Another game they mentioned was Hearthstone, Blizzard’s upcoming free-to-play card game based on Warcraft. Although not a lot of people are talking about Hearthstone, the analysts have high expectations for it.

Well, between 10 million sales for Destiny, the decline of Call of Duty, and the success of Hearthstone, we’ve certainly got some interesting predictions to think about. What do you think this year will bring?

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