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  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PC,Xbox One
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment,Bluepoint Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • ESRB Rating: M
  • Release Date (original): March 11 2014


General Hints & TipsReport

  • Newer players can fight the AI-controlled enemies, Grunts and Spectres, until they are used to the combat.
  • Even once you are good enough to fight other players, there are times when you might still want to focus on the weak AI enemies, as those kills build your Titan gauge.
  • Do not simply avoid combat until your Titan gauge is ready. If your opponents are killing Grunts and Spectres while you wait, their Titans will be ready first.
  • When you eject from a Titan, it will carry you high into the sky. As you fall, try to control your descent to land in a strategic location or on top of an enemy Titan. Additionally, you can eject any time you want to, not just when your Titan is “doomed.”
  • With great timing and a little luck, you can crush an enemy with a Titanfall.
  • Although an AI-controlled Titan is not as useful as a player-controlled Titan, you can use one as a turret. Place it in a spot where its fire will distract your opponents from you.
  • Make sure you are near your Titan when you call it. If you are far away, it will have to make it through several fights to reach you.
  • The Stryder is the lightest Titan class. It has low defense, but high speed. Use its jets to dodge attacks and flank your slower opponents. The jets have a cooldown period, so you won’t be able to use them constantly. Do not attempt the turret strategy with a Stryder.
  • Equip your Titan according to how you intend to use it. If you’re going to fight on-foot Pilots, use Electric Smoke. It will hide you from other players and disorient them when they enter it. If you intend to face off against other Titans, the Vortex Shield will be quite useful, as it allows you to catch enemy fire and send it back at them. However, you can only catch fire coming at you from the front.
  • It is possible to drive your knife into a wall and hang there. While you are hanging, you can shoot enemies with your sidearm. Although you will be vulnerable, this can be very effective for a short amount of time.
  • If you’re up against Titans, use your timed cloak ability to hide yourself from view. This is especially useful during wall-runs, huge jumps, or when you are preparing to take down a Titan. However, if enemy players get close to you, they will be able to see the shimmer that marks your presence.
  • Camping is not effective in Titanfall. You want to be constantly moving, especially if you can reach higher ground. In most situations, the higher you are, the bigger an advantage you have.
  • Do not attempt to fire a rifle without aiming.
  • If you need to move about on foot while your Titan is present, you can command it to guard a specific area.
  • When you fight inside your Titan, you will reduce the amount of time it will take to call your next Titan.
  • Your core ability builds up as you deal damage from within your Titan.
  • If an opponent is on top of your Titan, you can either call your teammates for support or climb out of the cockpit and take care of the enemy player yourself.
  • Try to flank opponents whenever you can, while watching your own sides to make sure opponents do not flank you.
  • Choosing a good loadout, or kit, can be your key to success. A good loadout for new players is the Powercell, which recharges your tactical ability faster, the Minion Detector, which displays enemies on your mini-map, and the Smart Pistol, a sidearm that locks on to its target.
  • Burn Cards provide you with additional perks. You can use up to three at a time, and more will become available to you as you play the game.
  • If you are on foot, do not attempt to take on a Titan with full health, unless you are in a good position for a Rodeo Kill, where you jump on top of it, tear off a panel, and shoot it.
  • When a Titan’s shields are down, red areas mark weak points you can target.
  • You don’t necessarily want to call your Titan right away. If your opponent summons a Titan, bring yours in. If several opponents are standing in a group, try to crush them with a Titanfall. If you want to try a stealthy approach, find an empty area to call your Titan. Call your Titan when it best fits your strategy.
  • If you are fighting Grunts, be aware that your opponents will know your location, as each shot marks you on their mini-map.
  • A red circle on the mini-map means an enemy player is firing there.
  • Multiple Pilots fighting as a group can overwhelm a Titan.
  • You should protect your team’s Titans whenever you can.
  • You and your teammates should always be working together. Communication and planning are both key to victory.
  • Play through the game’s campaign first, to play against newer players, get used to the gameplay, and unlock the Stryder and Ogre options.
  • Don’t always stay in your Titan. Sometimes you’ll be much more effective on foot, especially with your Titan acting as extra defense or a distraction.
  • Make sure your team has a variety of Titans on it so you don’t all have the same weaknesses.
  • Your Titan’s shield will recharge, but its health will not.
  • You can enter your Titan from above for added protection.
  • Choose your loadout according to your strategy and game mode. For example, Cloak is excellent if you need to infiltrate an enemy-controlled location, while Active Radar Pulse is better for defending a point.
  • When you are high enough to look down at your opponents, judge by their movements which ones are Pilots and which ones are bots.
  • When you die, equip some Burn Cards instead of immediately respawning.
  • If you are in a dangerous situation, use your jetpack and wall-run abilities to create new escape routes.
  • It is possible to climb what appears to be a vertical wall, either with good timing or by hammering the jump button.
  • If you are trying to rodeo a Titan, and it suddenly stops moving, that probably means the enemy Pilot is coming out to fight. Either escape or prepare to fight. If the Pilot ejects, aim up, but keep in mind that if they used Auto-Eject, they will already be cloaked.
  • Execution kills can be dangerous, because you are vulnerable during the animation.
  • It’s worth your time to kill nearby enemy AI, but you shouldn’t waste time trying to hunt them down.
  • Since your Burn Cards only last for the duration of a single life, choose them strategically according to when in the match you are most likely to need them.
  • The best time to rodeo a Titan is when it is distracted by other opponents.
  • If you are on foot being pursued by a Titan, you can drop a shield in a narrow path to stop the Titan from going any further, although it will also block any allied Titans.
  • Whenever possible, hack Spectres to make them your allies. They will provide extra firepower and distractions for your opponents. Hack turrets, as well, but destroy them if your hacking fails.
  • You can have 29 Burn Cards at once, so make good use of them.
  • If you’re having trouble figuring out how to use your parkour moves effectively, view the map as if you were using a skateboard, and decide which paths are the best for you. Don’t remain on the ground the other time, but make sure you know what you’re doing before you start running along a wall, or you will just be a target.
  • Hide amongst AI bots and try to mimic their movements as you approach opponents, to make them believe you’re an AI long enough for you to get an advantage.
  • Don’t Cloak after your opponent has already seen you.

Overview of Game Modes Official VideoReport

The "Basics" Official Video GuideReport

Attrition HintsReport

  • Attrition is a Deathmatch game mode. You can kill enemy AI characters, but you need to target enemy pilots and Titans as well.
  • Players fighting on the ground should stay in groups.
  • Players in Titans should spread out across the perimeter and use their firepower as efficiently as possible. Make sure you aren’t clustered close enough that enemy players could take you all out at once.

Hardpoint Domination HintsReport

  • Hardpoint Domination is a Domination game mode in which you must fight for control over three checkpoints. Stay near the point you are defending, but don’t stand right next to it, or you’ll be an easy target.
  • Players in Titans should consider moving between points your team is defending. You have a good chance of encountering enemy players, in addition to spreading your firepower to both defenses.

Weapons Hints & TipsReport

  • Lock-On Rockets and Vortex Shield work together excellently as a Ordnance/Ability combination.
  • The Quad Rocket can penetrate a Vortex Shield. You can use them against an enemy Titan until the Titan’s shield turns red, and then put up your own shield to absorb fire.
  • Arc Grenades will kill AI in the blast’s immediate radius, and they also disrupt Titans’ communication systems.
  • If you are close to a group of enemies, the Salvo Rockets are very effective.
  • You and a teammate can work together by having one player act as a shield, while the other fires. The Vortex Shield can be used in this way, as it recharges quickly enough for two players to alternate using it.

How to Hang Off WallsReport

Whlist you're wall running (running along a wall) press and hold the left trigger (LT).

This will cause your player to get out a knife and thrust it into the wall, with your player then hanging off the wall from that position.

Choosing Kits, Class and WeaponsReport

  • Choose your Titan’s weapons carefully. For new players, the XO-16 Chaingun is a good choice. It is also effective in Hardpoint Domination. Once you are more skilled at the game, you can use the 40 MM Cannon or the Quad Rocket to deal more damage. The 40 MM Cannon is also a good choice for Last Titan Standing, particularly with 3 round bursts.
  • Build your class according to the type of weapons you use. For example, if you use the 40 MM Cannon, you should go with Burst Fire, while players who use the Accelerator will benefit the most from extended magazines.
  • When it comes to kits, if you plan to let AI control your Titan, Nuclear Ejection is very useful. On the other hand, if you will be controlling the Titan most of the time, Shield Regeneration and Auto Eject will help you quite a bit, especially when you are fighting other Titans.

Instant Titanfall DestructionReport

If you drop a Titan on another Titan, it will instantly destroy the enemy Titan.

Multiplayer Gameplay TipsReport

Check out this video clip for some nice tips on how to dominate Titanfall multiplayer!

End of Match BonusReport

After you win or lose a match, you still need to head to the incoming drop ship to complete one final objective, for which you will earn a good amount of points. You will either need to escape on the ship or attack it and try to bring it out of the sky.

Titan StatisticsReport

  • The Atlas Titan has 8000 health. Its melee attack deals 1000 points of damage, with an 850 pushback effect. Its base speed stat is 280, and it reaches 420 when it sprints. Its speed is unchanged when it sidesteps, and multiplied by 0.8 when it backpedals. It takes 4.1666 seconds for it to recharge a single dash meter, of which it has two.
  • The Stryder Titan has 5500 health. Its melee attack deals 1125 points of damage, with an 850 pushback effect. Its base speed stat is 300, and it reaches 435 when it sprints. Its speed is unchanged when it sidesteps, and multiplied by 0.8 when it backpedals. It takes 3.3 seconds for it to recharge a single dash meter, of which it has three.
  • The Ogre Titan has 10500 health. Its melee attack deals 1875 points of damage, with a 510 pushback effect. Its base speed stat is 265, and it reaches 400 when it sprints. Its speed is multiplied by 0.85 when it sidesteps, and by 0.6 when it backpedals. It takes 4.545 seconds for it to recharge its single dash meter.

Pilot StatisticsReport

Pilots move at a base speed of 180.6 units per second, or 7.7 mph. Their sprint takes them to 269.85 units per second, or 11.5 mph, and when they perform continuous wall-runs, their speed can increase to about twice that.

Weapon StatisticsReport

  • If you use the Smart Pistol while standing, its cone of fire has a spread of 0.5 degrees. You can reduce that to 0.25 if you crouch and aim down the sight. It has a unique damage system. It always deals 67 damage against other players, no matter how it is fired. It will always kill Grunts in a single shot, and it always deals 101 damage against Spectres.
  • If you use the Wingman while standing, its cone of fire has a spread of 0.15 degrees. You can reduce that to 0.1 degrees if you crouch. It deals 135-100 damage.
  • If you use the AutoPistol or 2011 pistol, their cone of fire have spreads of 0.2 degrees, regardless of whether you stand or crouch. The AutoPistol deals 38-30 damage, and the 2011 deals 60-45.
  • If you use the DMR while using the sight, its cone of fire spread is 0.05 degrees. You can eliminate the spread entirely if you crouch. It deals 120 damage, which is doubled for headshots.

Dropship EscapeReport

When you have won a match and the other side is trying to escape to the dropship during the epilogue, don’t waste your time and resources on taking out the fleeing players. Instead, focus your attention on shooting down the dropship.

Special Sniper ClassReport

You might consider having a special sniper class you save for the epilogue if you are on the winning team. Right before it begins, die and respawn as a sniper. If you die during the epilogue, you will not be able to respawn.

Titan Loadout TipsReport

Here are some tips on how to put together a good Titan loadout.

  • Chassis: The Ogre is the most difficult Titan to use because of its slow speed, so play defensively if you play as one. The Stryder, due to its speed, is excellent in Capture the Flag, especially when equipped with the Dash Quickcharger and Core Accelerator. The Atlas is more flexible, and with its moderate speed, health, and power, it can be used against Ogres and Stryders.
  • Primary Weapon: The XO-16 Chaingun is not very useful except to new/unskilled players. The Quad Rockets are effective at close range, in Last Titan Standing, and when used by a Stryder. The Plasma Railgun is best used in a strategy where your allies distract your opponents first so you have time to charge a good shot. The Arc Cannon is excellent against clustered Titans, making it especially effective for Last Titan Standing. The Triple Threat is best used in conjunction with another long-range weapon user to defend a narrow point and to clear areas around the objectives in Hardpoint Domination. The 40mm Cannon is the most versatile weapon, as it is effective at both close and long range.
  • Tactical Ability: The Vortex Shield is incredibly effective as long as your timing is good. Electric Smoke is a good choice for the Stryder Titan, as it will aid your escape if you dash in for quick attacks, and it is also a way to stop Pilots from rodeo killing your Titan. The Particle Wall is most effective in narrow areas and in Last Titan Standing, especially if allies will join you behind it.
  • Ordnance: The Multi-Target Missile System is the most effective ordnance, as it can hit multiple targets, but you can either fire it in bursts or fire all the missiles at once.
  • Tier One Kit: Nuclear Ejection is very dangerous, although it does have its uses in certain strategies. Regen Booster can be helpful. Fast Autoloader is an excellent choice for offensive strategies. Dash Quickcharger is great for Capture the Flag, especially when used by a Stryder. Go with Tactical Reactor if you use your Tactical Ability very often.
  • Tier Two Kit: Auto-Eject isn’t useful. Survivor can be helpful, but other options are better. Big Punch is good for melee attackers. Core Extender and Core Accelerator are the most effective, as your core ability is often a game-changer.

Pilot Loadout TipsReport

Here are some tips on how to put together a good Pilot loadout.

  • Primary Weapon: The R-101C Carbine is versatile. While not the most powerful weapon, it can be used effectively at all ranges. The EVA-8 Shotgun is most effective at close range, but it can be used at a slightly longer range, as well. The Smart Pistol MK 5 is best used by new players, because of its lock-on abilities, but it is too slow for advanced combat. The Longbow-DMR and Kraber-AP Snipers are great for snipers, but sniping is more difficult due to Titanfall’s fast-paced, movement-heavy combat. The C.A.R. SMG is fine, but may not be as useful as the Carbine in many situations. The Spitfire LMG is a good weapon as long as you learn how to handle it properly to overcome its recoil. The G2A4 Rifle and Hemlok BF-R have no particular advantages over other weapons.
  • Anti-Titan Weapon: The Sidewinder is excellent when you start playing, because it can be quickly fired, unlike the Archer Heavy Rocket, which must lock on to its target first. However, the MAG Launcher and Charge Rifle excel. To use the Charge Rifle most effectively, charge it up while you’re still out of the line of fire, and then run out to attack the Titan.
  • Sidearm: The B3 Wingman is the most powerful, but the RE-45 AutoPistol and Hammond P2011 are faster.
  • Tactical Ability: Cloak can be quite effective, especially for Hardpoint Domination mode or if you are facing AI-controlled opponents. Stim is especially good for Capture the Flag. Active Radar Pulse is excellent for Pilot Hunter.
  • Ordnance: Frag Grenades deal out the most damage. The Satchel Charge and Arc Mine are both good choices to defend key points in Hardpoint Domination and Capture the Flag.
  • Tier One Kit: The Power Cell is a good choice for any mode, and it or the Enhanced Parkour Kit is best for Capture the Flag. If you’re using the Satchel Charge/Arc Mine in Hardpoint Domination or Capture the Flag, on the other hand, you might want to use the Explosives Pack. Run N Gun is another viable Capture the Flag option. You can use the Quick Reload Kit and Stealth Kit effectively in any mode, but the latter is a great way to protect yourself in Pilot Hunter.
  • Tier Two Kit: The Minion Detector is one of the best for any mode, for any gameplay style. Warpfall Transmitter can also be helpful. If you like to let the AI control your Titan, the Guardian Chip is a great choice for you, and you may want to try it out in Hardpoint Domination. The others aren’t especially useful.

Dropping a Titan on an EnemyReport

You don't have rely entirely on luck to drop a Titan on someone.

Use your sidearm and aim at the opposing Titan's feet or if overhead at the top of his head.

This is good for short to medium short distances your Titan will only drop a certain distance away from you.

Besides that you don't want to be to far away from your Titan when it drops anyway.

Submitted by Grant Saxon 1011


Sniping CheatReport

In maps like "Here be Dragons" or "Angel City", you can eject from your Titan and land on a high-line sniping spot (if you have the Longbow DMR Sniper). Like on Here be Dragons, you can auto eject and land on the cliffs/rocky points. In Angel City, you can land and wall run the skyscrapers or titans.

Submitted by Titan Lover


Unlockable ClassesReport

Although all three default classes of Titans, with preset loadouts, are available from the start of the game, you must unlock the ability to customize them.

  • Atlas – Reach rank 10
  • Stryder – Finish either the IMC or the Militia campaign.
  • Ogre – Finish both the IMC and Militia campaigns.

Easter eggs

Boba Fett HelmetReport

One of the helmets worn by Titanfall Pilots was inspired by the helmet worn by Boba Fett, the bounty hunter in Star Wars.

Titanfall Fan ArtistReport

On the Angel City map, you can find a poster that says “How Bout Apple Juice” and “KODAI,” which refers to a Titanfall fan artist.


Unfortunately there are no glitches for Titanfall in our database just yet. If you have any glitches please submit them.


In Last Titan Standing, you will need to master your use of the Titan’s dash command. Save your dash meter for when you need to evade or escape an enemy Titan. Give yourself enough time for your shield to recharge. - read this guide in full here...

If you are a Pilot trying to take down a Titan, use your speed to your advantage. Titans are powerful, but they are slower and more awkward. By jumping onto a Titan’s back, you can rip off one of its panels and shoot its - read this guide in full here...

The AI-controlled bots are not just there for new players to kill and for experienced players to build up their Titanfall gauge. They have a couple of other uses. First, the bots have humorous conversations with one another, which - read this guide in full here...

With varying loadouts for Pilots and different loadouts and types of Titans, there are many different combinations to choose from. Here are three combinations for a focus on offense, support, or defense. Offense - read this guide in full here...

To reach Generation 2 There are no challenges. To reach Generation 3 If It Moves... You must use the EVA-8 Shotgun to kill X enemies Tiers: 10, 25, 50, - read this guide in full here...

You can choose from a variety of abilities for your two kit slots, depending on what effects you want in battle. Both Titans and Pilots can equip kits. Fast Autoloader – Your Titan’s Ordnance will recharge faster, so that - read this guide in full here...

Equip up to three burn cards at a time to gain new abilities/perks that will last until you lose your life. Decisive Action – Take 40 seconds off the timer for Build Time or your Titan’s Core Charge. Thin the - read this guide in full here...

Each map has its own setting and lore details. Airbase – At the IMC’s Airbase Sierra, repulsor towers guard the base from attacks from the wildlife. Angel City – A city under martial law, with high walls - read this guide in full here...

Assassin Primary: Smart Pistol Mk5 Sidearm: RE-45 Autopistol Anti-Titan: Sidewinder AT-SMR Tactical Ability: Cloak Ordnance: Frag Grenade - read this guide in full here...

Artillery Primary: Quad Rocket Tactical: Vortex Shield Ordnance: Rocket Salvo Kit 1: Regen Booster Kit 2: Survivor - read this guide in full here...

Pilots can choose from the following primary weapons: R-97 Compact SMG – This compact submachine gun has a high rate of fire and low recoil. G2A4 Rifle – This is a powerful and precise rifle. - read this guide in full here...

Pilots can choose from the following tactical abilities: Cloak – This allows you to become temporarily invisible to Titans and AI, although Pilots may still detect you. Stim – When you activate this, your speed - read this guide in full here...

Pilots can choose from the following ordnances: Frag Grenade – This is a standard grenade you can use against groups of enemies, in small areas, or in places out of your line of sight. Its explosion is delayed by a few - read this guide in full here...

Pilots can choose from the following Anti-Titan weapons: Sidewinder – This fires micro-missiles over a wide area, which makes it effective against large targets, but not very accurate against smaller opponents. - read this guide in full here...

To easily level up in Titanfall, you should maximize your potential to earn XP. When you level up and complete the necessary challenges to move to the next generation, your XP gain will increase, so that should always be a priority. - read this guide in full here...

Use weapon mods to make your weapons more powerful. AOG – Gives the weapon a 2.4x sight Afterburners – Makes rockets faster Burst Fire – Gives the weapon three-round - read this guide in full here...

Level 1 – This is where you start. You have two possible Pilot and Titan loadouts to pick from. Level 2 –This unlocks the Close-Quarters Battle (CQB) loadout. Level 3 –This unlocks the Artillery Titan - read this guide in full here...


Icon Title Description Gamerpoints
Best in Class
Finished as the top player on your team once
All charged up
Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot
Killed 10 ejecting Pilots
Pull Harder!
Killed an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun
All The Cards
Earned 500 burn cards
My Robot Army
Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife
Survived an evacuation
I Like A Challenge
Completed all challenges for a single weapon
IMC Pilot
Completed the IMC campaign
Militia Pilot
Completed the Militia campaign
My Generation
Became a second generation Pilot
IMC Elite Pilot
Won every Campaign level as an IMC pilot
Militia Elite Pilot
Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot
Death From Above
Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them
Build Yourself
Created a custom pilot loadout
Customize Your Ride
Created a custom titan loadout
Halfway There
Reached level 25
Maxed Out
Reached level 50
Flag Runner
Won 50 Capture The Flag matches
I Wore 'Em Down
Won 50 Attrition matches
Pilot Hunter
Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches
Captured Everything
Won 50 Hardpoint matches
I Stand Alone
Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches
I've Seen It All
Played every gameplay mode on every map
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Rodeo-killed a Titan
Like A Vacation
Completed training
Look Around
Snapped the necks of 10 Pilots
All The Hardware
Unlocked everything
Vortex Volley
Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex
Frequent Flyer
Played 50 Campaign matches
I Killed Them All
Killed all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly
Wallran for 5 kilometers
Superior In Every Way
Killed 1000 AI soldiers
Called in your Titan 25 times

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