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  • Genre: Action
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Wii U
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Studios
  • Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Ratings: M
  • Release Date (original): 2012-10-30 00:00:00



Collect the hidden pivots scattered throughout the world to activate various cheats from within the options menu. These cheats include:

Made of Steel: Invulnerability

Infinite Ammunition: Pretty self-explanatory, never run out of arrows or bullets

Season Changer: Can instantly change the season from summer to winter and back

Weather Man: Can freely adjust the weather settings

Thunder Kill: Every kill you make is accompanied by a storm of electricity

Sun and Moon: Switch between night and day at will

Semi-Automatic: Every ranged weapon now fires in rapid succession

Killing Spree: Can assassinate your foes even while not in stealth mode

Recruit: Grants you unlimited recruit tokens

Ninja: Do as you please, the enemies can neither see nor hear; you're a ninja!




You can unlock various cool costumes by completing certain tasks within the game. Here are the costumes that can be unlocked, and what you need to accomplish to do so:

Achilles' Original outfit - Complete the side quest Achilles' Painting.

Altair's outfit - Complete every optional mission.

Baltimore outfit - Finish Sequence 7.

Boston outfit - Finish Sequence 6.

Captain Kidd's outfit - During the Naval sequence, complete the optional Oak Island task.

Charleston outfit - Finish Sequence 6.

Jamestown outfit - Finish Sequence 6.

Kanien'kehaka outfit - Collect every feather.

New York outfit - Finish Sequence 7.

Philadelphia outfit - Finish Sequence 7.

By: Googler  

Shard of Eden

The Shard of Eden can be unlocked by completing all 5 of the Captain Kidd missions. This ring gives you an increased chance of avoiding bullets, which is a rather good thing, as bullets tend to hurt when they hit you. When you've avoided a bullet courtesy of the ring's power, you'll see a yellow animation.


Erudito's Network Code

Enter the following code: 7D05C12C on the Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy Facebook page to unlock the Erudito's Network item. This item gives a boost to your XP, item, and florin rewards when defeating enemies.


Easter Eggs

Turkey Assassin

This is one of the coolest easter eggs you'll find in any game. Go to the Davenport Homestead after finishing sequence 6, and stand next to a corner of the house. Now enter stealth mode, and press B to whistle, at which point a turkey should appear. Now enter the legendary Konami code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B and A as fast as possible. If done correctly, the turkey will don an assassin's hood and begin to follow you around!


Cool Hand Luke Reference

When you bump into women on the streets of Boston, they'll say various things in response to your rudeness. One of them is a famous line from the movie Cool Hand Luke. Go bump into some women and see if you can recognize it.

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MMA Fight

You know MMA is mainstream when it's even making an appearance in random games now. While making your way through the catwalks of the Brazilian stadium, look down to see a Mixed Martial Arts fight taking place between Guilherme Venancio and Luis Otavia Duris.



Uplay Rewards

Register for Uplay from the Main Menu to be able to uplay points from completing various tasks that can be used to purchase some cool items. There are 100 Uplay points in available in the game, and you'll need all 100 of them to unlock the 4 Uplay items. Here's where to get the points and what you can unlock with them:

10 Uplay points - Complete Sequence 2 to get these points.

20 Uplay points - Complete Sequence 6 to get these points.

30 Uplay points - Complete Sequence 12 to get these points.

40 Uplay points - Reach level 20 in multiplayer reward to get the final 40 Uplay Points.

And here's what you can unlock with your points:

10 Uplay points - AC3 Theme

20 Uplay points - Profile items and a pouch upgrade for multiplayer mode

30 Uplay points - Ezio's Outfit

40 Uplay points - More profile items, and the Night Stalker Outfit


Easy Convoy Money

You'll see lots of convoys guarding on the Frontier, and these convoys are usually lightly guarded and contain some nice treasure, making them ideal for building up your wealth. One particularly good spot for spawned convoys is in front of the Templar Fort in the southwest corner of the map. If it isn't there when you show up, simply fast travel somewhere else and come back again, and chances are it will be waiting there for you to raid and loot.


More Easy Convoy Money

You can also make money with your own convoy, once you've finished sequence 6 and all of the missions in Homestead. First, build a naval colony and upgrade it to max. Next, buy some bear pelts and sell them with your colony. Now send it off on it journey through the guy with 35% risk and wait for the cash from your pelt sales to roll in.


Crafting Materials

You can collect the following materials around Homestead from the people indicated:

Farmers: Hides and Wool

Hunting: Bear Grease

Huntress/Hunting Materials Store: Pelts

Lumberer: Lumber, Bark, Charcoal, and Kindling

Miners: Ores and Limestone

Doing a mission for the miners in Homestead allows you to collect special iron ingots. You can also unlock a chest behind your manor house to collect these as well.



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Crafting Recipes

Here are the ingredients needed for every crafting recipe in the game. Use only the exact ingredients needed, or you may lose more than necessary when crafting your item. Alcohol Ales Artisan: Level 1 Innkeeper Ingredients: Barley, Barrels Ciders Artisan: Level 1 Innkeeper Ingredients: Apples, Barrels Spirits Artisan: Level 1 Innkeeper Ingredients: Barley, Barrels, Rye ....