Crafting Ingredients Locations Guide for Dying Light on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Crafting Ingredients Locations Guide

Search the following types of areas and objects to find specific crafting ingredients.

  • Alcohol - Look in refrigerators.
  • Batteries - Look in toolkits.
  • Blade - Look in toolkits.
  • Bolter Tissue - Check Bolter bodies.
  • Chemicals - Look in cabinets and kitchens.
  • Common Plant - Search outdoor areas where plants grow.
  • Duct Tape - Look in toolkits and workshops.
  • Electronics - Look in toolkits and locked containers.
  • Fluorescent Mushrooms - Search caves.
  • Gauze - Look in medicine cabinets.
  • Home Supplies - Look in cabinets and dressers.
  • Hunter Gland - Check Hunter bodies.
  • Metal Parts - Look in garbage cans. You can also dismantle items to get these.
  • Nails - Look in dressers, and search warehouses and supply areas.
  • Plastic - Look in toolkits and containers.
  • Power Cable - Search warehouses and other industrial locations.
  • String - Look in dressers and simple containers.
  • Tin Can - Look in toolkits and containers.
  • Toxic Plant - Search around cliffs.
  • Underwater Algae - Search beneath the water by the coasts.