Xbox One Update Will Prepare Social Features for Titanfall


We recently let you know about the upcoming Xbox One update that will let you see your controller’s battery life and manage your storage, and now we have details about the next planned update after that.

Before Titanfall launches in early March, Microsoft will issue an update to improve the social and multiplayer features in preparation for the game. This update will change the Xbox One’s “Activity” application to the “Social” tile, which will open up your friends list. It will also turn Party Chat on by default when you enter a party. Party Chat will be separate from the game chat, so you can either chat to your online friends or to everyone playing the same game as you.

You will also be able to invite your friends straight from the menus of multiplayer games, like you could on the Xbox 360. Additionally, you can check out “Recent Players” to see who you recently played games with. Although he didn’t go into specifics, Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten said there will be other improvements, as well, which Microsoft will reveal later.

These are additions fans have been wanting for some time now, and it’s good to see them on their way—especially with the multiplayer-centric Titanfall just around the corner.

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