PS4 Sales Hit 5.3 Million


Today, Sony announced that worldwide sales of the PlayStation 4 crossed 5.3 million as of February 8. Their sales target was 5 million sales before the fiscal year ended, so they have hit their mark. The PS4 started out strong, with high sales and a lead over the Xbox One, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Since they had approximately 4.2 million units sold at the end of 2013, they sold 1.1 million more in just a little over a month. Pretty impressive.

It’s even more interesting that they’re seeing these numbers when the PS4h as yet to launch in Japan. Who knows how high the Japanese launch on February 22 could boost their sales?

Sony also released a commercial for its subscription service, PlayStation Plus. Check it out. If you aren’t a member, does their commercial convince you? If you are a member, what features of PS+ do you like the most?

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