New Trailer for Infamous: Second Son


“If you had the power in your hands, what would you do?”

So asks the newest trailer for Infamous: Second Son, which will hit the PS4 in just over a week, on March 21. It’s a short trailer, but it reminds fans of the moral questions that are central themes on the Infamous series. Check it out.

We also have new details on Second Son’s day-one patch, thanks to Dualshockers interview with Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming. According to Fleming, the patch is only 350 Mb, and it is “well worth the time to download it.”

At only 350 Mb, the patch shouldn’t delay anyone too long, so if you had doubts about downloading it, you probably should reconsider. So far, Infamous: Second Son looks like it will be an excellent next-gen experience and a worthy addition to the series.

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