How to find Xbox One in stock to purchase


The Xbox One has, by all accounts, sold out at major retail stores and thus left a lot of potential Xbox One owners out in the cold. To try and help out people affected by the console shortage, Major Nelson decided to post some tips that might help you locate and secure a console for yourself once they become available again.

  1. Sign up for newsletters from retailers and follow then on Twitter on FB for real-time Xbox One stock updates.
  2. Keep calling retailers to find out when stock is arriving (you/they might be surprised!).
  3. Try calling stores in areas that are not very populated – you might have more luck versus places that are densely populated.

Major Nelson also mentioned two online Xbox One stock locator websites that he’d come across, here and here.

If you’re currently trying to track down a Xbox One good luck, and let us know how you get on!

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