Shadow Warrior 3 Cheats on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: May 10, 2023
Shadow Warrior 3
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Feb 28, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie, Arcade
  • Themes: Action, Fantasy, Science fiction, Horror, Comedy
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Exploring Outside the Map


If you play your cards right, you can leave the map by jumping over a few small obstacles. To do this, you must find the waterfall on the right-hand side of the map. Then, run and jump across the broken bridge at the waterfall and climb vines onto the ledge in front of you. 

On your left, there is a railing that you need to jump on and then turn to face the tree hanging next to the waterfall. Hang, jump and boost so you reach the tree and work your way onto the waterfall. Go across the waterfall and jump between the rocks until you get to the top, and you will officially be out of the map. You can go anywhere from here, even jumping off the map itself. You can also do the same from the other side of the map.

Exploit Theory explains how to escape Shadow Warrior 3's Map

Unlocking Every Weapon


The Dragontail is a starting weapon. The game starts with it unlocked. The first upgrade allows you to use heavy attacks, while the second and third add elemental attacks to your specific heavy blows, which is helpful for elemental wins.

The Outlaw is a basic weapon made available at the first level. The initial Outlaw enhancement boosts ammunition capacity by 5%. The second upgrade makes headshots explode, damaging foes. If you shoot quickly, the last upgrade will ignite your bullets.

The Riot Gun is unlocked in the first level. It comes later in the mission. The initial improvement increases the ammunition pack by 5%. The second upgrade makes the shotgun full-auto and the Riot Gun non-reloadable.

Dual-uzi Sidekicks are the finest weapons. They unlock in the second level. Like the others, the initial upgrade boosts the ammunition pack by 5%. The second upgrade electrocutes adversaries if shot long enough, while the third upgrade converts deceased enemies into thunder traps.

The Crimson Bull grenade launcher is unlocked on the third level when chasing the Tanuki. The initial Crimson Bull upgrade boosts ammunition capacity by 5%. The last upgrade makes the weapon's grenades bounce and target adjacent foes.

The Basilisk rail cannon is the second-to-last available weapon. The first improvement slows charging time, while the second lets blasts pierce several enemies. The last upgrade freezes with ice bullets.

The last unlockable weapon, the Shuriken Splitter, fires shurikens. It unlocks at the fifth level. The first upgrade boosts ammo capacity by 5%, the second turns shurikens into predator disks that kill more opponents, and the third lets you fire a triple shot.

Use your Katana to Reload


Reloading can sometimes be an issue when facing a challenging boss in the game. You can, however, get around this problem by changing to your Katana. When you change over to your Katana, you have the means to protect yourself, and the game reloads your gun automatically.

To change to your katana, you just need to left-click or use your right trigger button, depending on your device. This should save you from taking unnecessary damage.

Charge you Finisher


Charging your finisher move should always be a priority! As you travel the map, you will find orbs lying around. As you collect them, you charge your finisher. When fully charged, you can execute opponents swiftly, making your game so much more thrilling. You also receive rewards for using a finisher move on enemies. For example, you might be awarded a Gore Tool or Weapon. 

Never Stop Moving in Arenas


A slow-moving or still target is the easiest to hit in a FPS game. As soon as you get into an arena match, make sure you are constantly on the move. This will make you difficult to hit and give you more opportunity to collect loot as you get around the map.

Use slide, couch, jump, sprint and anything else you can think of to make you a more difficult target to hit. 

Focus on Upgrading Ammo


There are a few things that you can upgrade at the start of the game, so you should focus on your ammo capacity. There's nothing worse than needing to change ammo after every 10 shots. Upgrade your ammo to reload less and inflict more damage on your enemies in the arena.

Cheats Available on Wemod and Plitch Trainer


The game doesn’t support cheats; however, you can use them through trainers like Plitch and Wemod. Both trainers offer an excellent selection of cheats for their users. Let's take a look at what cheats you can use from Wemod:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Armor
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Double Jumps
  • Set Player Speed
  • Set Player Jump Height
  • Unlimited Weapon Skill
  • Unlimited Character Points
  • Game Speed

Plitch trainer does things a little differently. They offer eight free cheats for basic subscribers and 13 for premium subscribers. Here are the cheats you can use on Plitch:

Free cheats:

  • Prepare
  • Increase Jump Height
  • Decrease Jump Height
  • Normal Jump Height
  • Unlimited Jump Height
  • Unlimited dodges
  • Increase Movement Speed
  • Decrease Movement Speed
  • Normal Movement Speed

Premium Cheats:

  • No Reload
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Armor
  • +5 Weapon points
  • +5 character points
  • Fast AI
  • Faster AI
  • Slower AI
  • Slow AI
  • Immobile AI
  • Decrease Gravity
  • Increase Gravity
  • Normal Gravity
  • Unlimited Jumps

Using a trainer is easy. You just need to install it on your device and access the game through the trainer. Then, activate the prepare option at the top of the cheats list, and you can go wild with the cheats.

A short clip demonstrating how to use Plitch

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