Ori and the Will of the Wisps Cheats on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: August 14, 2022
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • First Released: Mar 10, 2020
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 7,

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Unlock All Abilities


Several new abilities can be unlocked that will help you with combat or exploration and give you access to new areas. Some can be purchased from Opher for Spirit Light orbs at the Wellspring Glades, while others must be found in the game areas.

  • Blaze – Lets you set enemies on fire. Purchase from Opher.
  • Charge Blaze – Sets all enemies around you on fire. Upgraded version of Blaze.
  • Sentry – Spawns a Spirit Orb to attack enemies. Purchase from Opher.
  • Sentry Speed – Faster version of Sentry that lasts longer. Upgraded version of Sentry.
  • Spike – Throw a spike of light at enemies. Purchase from Opher.
  • Exploding Spike – Throw a spike of light that explodes. Upgraded version of Spike.
  • Spirit Smash – Powerful downward attack. Purchase from Opher.
  • Shock Smash – Adds shockwaves to the smash attack. Upgraded version of Spirit Smash.
  • Spirit Star – Throw a star boomerang. Purchase from Opher. (The upgraded version lets you pause the star and spin it.)
  • Water Breath – Lets you breath underwater. Purchase from Opher.
  • Kuro’s Feather – Glide and ride wind currents while airborne. Found in Swallow’s Nest, Silent Woods.
  • Spirit Edge – A sword used for combo attacks. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Double Jump – Lets you jump a second time after jumping once. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Regenerate – Expend energy to heal yourself. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Spirit Arc – Aim and fire a ranged attack. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Dash – Dash in the direction you’re facing, either on the ground or in the air. Found in Kwolok’s Hollow.
  • Bash – Launch yourself from hanging items and projectiles. Found in Kwolok’s Hollow.
  • Grapple – Grapple from grappling points or blue moss. Found in the Wellspring.
  • Flash – Spend energy to create a burst of light that helps you see and damages enemies. Found in Mouldwood Depths.
  • Swim Dash – Dash underwater or when surfacing. Found in Luma Pools.
  • Light Burst – Throw an explosive sphere. Found in Baur’s Reach.
  • Burrow – Move through sand and use a Burrow Dash while in the sand. Found in Windswept Wastes.
  • Launch – Launch yourself in any direction. Found in Weeping Ridge.
  • Ancestral Light – Increase your attack damage by 25%. Found in the Wellspring Glades.

Lupo's Maps


Be sure to buy maps from Lupo. Lupo can be found in each location, selling maps that will not only show you the location’s layout but also mark important things you’ll want to check out, such as upgrades. If you’re having trouble finding Lupo to buy all of the maps, use the video guide below for help.

Kuro constellation

Easter Eggs

At the very start of the game, if you double-jump to reach the higher branch, you can reach a spot where Kuro will appear in the sky as a constellation watching you.

All Life Cell Locations (Maximum Health)


You can collect Life Cell fragments to increase your maximum health. Two Life Cell fragments will give you an additional life boost. There are 24 total Life Cell fragments. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, use the video guide below for help.

All Energy Cell Locations (Maximum Energy)


You can collect Energy Cell fragments to increase your maximum energy. Two Energy Cell fragments will give you an additional energy boost. There are 24 total Energy Cell fragments. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, use the video guide below for help.

All Gorlek Ore locations


Gorlek Ore can be collected and given to Grom. This lets him build upgrades for the Wellspring Glades, as part of the Rebuild the Glades quest. There are 40 total pieces of Gorlek Ore. If you’re having trouble finding any of it, use the video guide below for help.

Unlock All Skills (Spirit Shard Locations)


In addition to abilities, you can also unlock additional skills and bonuses by collecting and equipping Spirit Shards. Some can be bought from Twillen for Spirit Light orbs at Wellspring Glades, while others must be found in the game areas.

  • Bounty – Enemies are stronger and have more health, but also drop twice as much Spirit Light when defeated. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Arcing – Spirit Shot hits nearby enemies as well. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Energy – Gain extra energy cells. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Vitality – Gain extra life cells. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Wingclip – Deal extra damage to flying enemies. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Finesse – 10% chance of dealing 50% more damage. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Overcharge – Reduce energy cost by 50% but increase damage taken by 100%. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Swap – Swap your maximum life and maximum energy. Purchase from Twillen.
  • Magnet – Orbs are attracted to you from further away. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Sticky – Stick to a wall when you jump onto it. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Reckless – Take and deal additional damage. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Quickshot – Increased speed of Spirit Arc. Found in Kwolok’s Hollow.
  • Life Harvest – Enemies are more likely to drop life orbs. Found in the Wellspring.
  • Splinter – Splits Spirit Arc into three smaller projectiles. Found in Mouldwood Depths.
  • Spirit Surge – Increases damage dealt based on your amount of Spirit Light. Found in Mouldwood Depths.
  • Ultra Bash – Bash launches you further and deals damage to enemies. Found in Luma Pools.
  • Energy Harvest – Enemies are more likely to drop energy orbs. Found in Luma Pools.
  • Catalyst – Melee damage gives you energy. Found in Baur’s Reach.
  • Last Stand – Increased damage by 20% when your health is below 15%. Found in Windswept Wastes.
  • Turmoil – Enemies respawn faster. Found in Windswept Wastes.
  • Life Pact – Life can be used for abilities when you run out of energy. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Resilience – Lowers damage taken. Found in Inkwater Marsh.
  • Thorn – Deal damage to enemies that attack you. Found in the Wellspring.
  • Ultra Grapple – Grapple an enemy. Found in the Wellspring
  • Overflow – Extra life will be converted to energy, and vice versa. Found in Silent Woods.
  • Lifeforce – Damage dealt will increase when your health is high. Found in Baur’s Reach.
  • Fracture – Lets you split Light Burst into three smaller attacks. Found in Baur’s Reach.
  • Secret – Helps you see secret walls. Found in Windswept Wastes.
  • Deflector – Deflect projectiles with melee attacks. Found in Midnight Burrows.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the Spirit Shards, use the video guide below for help.

Basic Tips


Attacking an enemy in the air resets your platforming limits. In other words, if you double jump and then attack an enemy, you will be able to double jump again without landing. The same applies to dashing, bashing, etc.

Visible damage numbers can be turned on in the options if you prefer to see how much damage you’re doing.

If you think you’ve reached a dead end, take a closer look—many dead ends are actually secret walls hiding collectibles or upgrades.

When you are given the choice of going to Baur’s Reach, Luma Pools, and Mouldwood Depths, consider going to Baur’s Reach first. You will unlock the Light Burst ability there, which will help you a lot.

Warp points let you easily revisit past locations. This is also a good way to return to previous areas for side quests.

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