On The Road: The Truck Simulator Hints on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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How to drive without sleeping.


At the start of a shift, a driver will be presented with a 9-hour time of driving. The first thing a driver will need to do is plug in their driving card. Once a player has confirmed their driving they will be required to drive for 9 hours.

Once the 9-hour clock’s time has elapsed the player will have to sleep. The player will have to turn their lights off, put up their hand brake and switch off their engine. This will ensure a player refreshes themselves. 

A tip to avoid stopping to sleep every hour would be for a driver to insert their driving card but not confirm that they are driving. This will allow a driver to drive for an unlimited amount of time. 

GametechUK shows a player a technique to drive without stopping.

Employ drivers and let them make you money


A player must go to their employee menu and on the left-hand side of the screen, they will see a list of employees. The player must select one of the drivers available and click on the “hire” button.

Once a player has selected a driver they must allocate the driver a vehicle by clicking on the vehicle and selecting the option “change driver”.

The driver will now be allocated a truck, and the player must go to the “logistics” section on their menu. The player will be able to locate their driver on their GPS display screen. 

There are jobs available for the player’s driver to complete. The jobs available will be dependent on the type of truck the player has selected the driver to use.

If the player has a livestock truck he must select a farming area on the map and click on jobs available for livestock hauling. 

Once the player has accepted the assignment, they must select a route for their driver and they will receive money and a reputation once the job has been completed.

Double E Show takes a player through being hired for their first job and shares a few tips

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